Yeditepe University Technology Transfer Office (YUTTO) creates a sustainable structure to bring the advanced technologies emerging with R&D and technology development to the industry of the country and to transform the research outputs for the benefit of the public and economy.


YUTTO was established in 2015 to continue its activities within the scope of the following objectives:

- Supporting the formation and growth of companies that use and produce high technology by increasing the university-industry cooperation especially in the fields of health, biomedical, advanced materials, and software,

- Supporting companies in the fields of innovative technology, and providing them an environment where they can conduct R&D studies,

- Transforming the knowledge and applied research results created among  Yeditepe University into economic value,

- Establishing mechanisms that enable national and international companies to create synergies with universities.


Yeditepe University Technology Transfer Office offers its services under five modules.

Module 1: Awareness, Promotion, Information, and Training Services

Module 2: Services for the Benefit from Support Programs

Module 3: University-Industry Collaboration Activities

Module 4: Intellectual Property Management and Licensing Services

Module 5: Incorporation and Entrepreneurship Services


YUTTO serves all faculty members and researchers, all industrial institutions outside the University seeking funding and support for their research (national and international), aiming to be an entrepreneur; to establish university-industry cooperation and augment the existing cooperation. With the aid of more than 400 active patent files owned by Yeditepe University, YUTTO's primary goal is to perform the technology transfer to its partners. This will lead to an increase in effective university-industry cooperation and result in the establishment of startup and spin-off companies worldwide.


Yeditepe University has applied to more than 1000 international and national projects, of which 400 are granted so far. YUTTO continues its efforts in order to commercialize the outputs of these projects and make the University's scientific infrastructure available to the industry.