YUTTO offers an effective consultancy service which enables Yeditepe University to share its knowledge with the government, industries and the public sector, and make a direct impact on society.

Its goal is to make the process of consultancy easier for academics and for the organisations in need of their expertise. This service covers the administrative issues associated with consultancy projects, including negotiation of contract terms and conditions, invoicing, income distribution and the arrangements for the use of University facilities.



Services We Provide to Our Academics: 

Being a consultant (consultancy):

Consultancy is an important and effective way for Yeditepe University to share its knowledge and expertise with the government and industries. 

YU academicians, researchers and postgraduate students can be  supported to be consultants, to provide their expertise and know-how. YUTTO  handles the negotiations, contracts, arrangements for use of Yeditepe University facilities, invoicing, income distribution and all the other administrative tasks.

The services provided by YUTTO include the negotiation of the proposals, and  contract terms – conditions that are  supported by both YUTTO and Yeditepe University Legal Services Office. 


YUTTO facilitates industry collaborations between business partners and Yeditepe University researchers by providing direct access to the researchers’ highly specialized expertise. Often this is achieved when YUTTO establishes a research collaboration with a commercial party who receives the right to use and develop early stage technologies previously conceived at the university.

Sponsored research

YUTTO will work together with the industry partners and expert researchers and lab to tailor the partnership to meet the specific needs of both parties. 

National projects

• Making announcements of open project calls from the YUTTO website (news and announcements tab) and social media platforms,

• Execution of administrative processes at the application stage, 

• Organizing project support and information days/training workshops in cooperation with funding institutions.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights about informing and directing

Licenses are typically granted when the industry partner has business driven objectives related to technical milestones for which YU IP (Intellectual Property) is needed.  IP is licensed under a variety of terms to suit the business needs of the industry partner. 

• Making a preliminary evaluation of whether the outputs obtained as a result of the projects and laboratory studies carried out within the body of Yeditepe University may be subject to a patent/utility model,

• Carrying out the necessary works in order to protect the industrial designs and the required trademark rights,

• Carrying out the procedures for obtaining a domain name,

• Providing liaison between the inventors and the representative offices,

• Informing and directing on Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights,

• Receiving Notification of the Invention,

• Performing/checking the preliminary patent investigation,

• Preparing/checking the patent text

• Executing the application procedures / giving instructions,

• Checking the appropriateness of the application request form,

• Pursuing the process of patent procedure, 

• Preparing Expert Opinion for the research report

• Preparing Expert Opinion for review reports,

• Performing European Patent (EP) Application and monitoring of applications,

• Following-up inventions made to the PCT system, which has 144 member countries known as international patent applications for each country,

• Delivery of patent documents to the inventors,

Documentation and archiving of patent applications,

• Informing the inventors about the stage of patent application status,

• Participating in fairs and events to promote university inventions on different platforms,

• Examining the patent rights in the consultancy contracts of the faculty members

• Organizing necessary training seminars in the field of patents within the university,

• Executing Confidentiality Agreements, Protocols, IP Directive studies required within the scope of Intellectual and Industrial Rights and sharing these documents,

• Collecting data for academic publication incentives every year for the inventions made by faculty members with a patent registration decision,

• Creating a patent portfolio,

• Creating materials such as posters and brochures for the promotion of the inventions.