YUTTO creates an interface between our corporate partners, faculty, and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to create a comprehensive support environment where both researchers and business can have the opportunity to disseminate information for the public good with a high level and efficient collaboration.

Services We Provide Our External Partners with:

• Evaluating inventions, conducting market research and deciding on protection tools within the scope of intellectual property portfolio management and commercialization processes,

• Managing Intellectual Property application and registration processes,

•Development of commercialization strategies, joint development, supporting licensing processes,

• Preparation of draft contracts (such as Consultancy, R&D, Education, Industrial Service, Confidentiality, Cooperation, and Intellectual Property Protocols), management of negotiations on the issues of law, intellectual property, and execution of administrative processes of contracts,

• Supporting the preparation of commercial offers (such as Consultancy, Training, R&D, Industrial Service) and monitoring the proposal/contract processes.

Those who want to benefit from the infrastructure services at our university and do projects with the Yeditepe University team, please fill out the Project Information Form.