1. What are YUTTO's entrepreneurship supports?

YUTTO supports entrepreneurs and entrepreneur candidates with a four-stage entrepreneurship program. The four-stage entrepreneurship program steps are as follows:


Born (Idea): Receiving technology-oriented business idea applications and performing a preliminary assessment by YUTTO responsible personnel

Crawl (Pre-Incubation): Providing business development and business plan creation trainings, mentoring support

Walk (Incubation): Incorporation, prototyping, investment and customer network access and office support

Run (Growth): Monitoring the investment and growth process and performance of the company, providing customer access and promotional support, maintaining office support and providing access to the international market

2. What is 7Tepe New Idea?

7Tepe Yeni Fikir is a startup acceleration program that provides entrepreneurship training, expert mentor support and office opportunities to technology-focused business ideas.

3. What are the application requirements?

At least one person from the application team must be a member of Yeditepe University.

Individuals and/or groups can apply to the program.

Technology-based business ideas will be evaluated.

4. Can an application be made with more than one project?

 No. Only one project team can be involved.

5. What are the evaluation criteria?

Team: Evaluation of the competence of the team members for the project and the knowledge required to carry out the project

Problem and solution: Evaluation of the importance of the problem being solved and its potential to create a demand effect on people.

Market and go-to-market strategy: Evaluation of market opportunity and exit strategy

Business model: The effectiveness of the type of solution

Competition and sustainability: the continuity of the solution, the continuity of the business idea

Capital and funding strategy: The capital created for the carrying out of the idea and the subsequent funding strategy

6. When can I apply for the program?

Applications for the 2020 Term will open by July 1, 2020.

7. What are business development trainings?

Idea and Need Verification

Creating a Canvas Business Model

Intellectual Property and Startup Law

Team Building and Management

Creating a Revenue Model

Sales and marketing

Investor Presentation

8. How are the entrepreneur-mentor pairings carried out?

Entrepreneurs and mentors are defined in the "Mentornity" system, which is a software platform. Entrepreneurs specify their entrepreneurial profiles, and mentors specify their areas of expertise in the system and add their available times. Entrepreneurs request appointments from mentors according to their availability. Interviews can be conducted online or face-to-face through the system.

9. Is there office/workspace support?

Yes. The initiatives that will be given open office/co-working space support are determined by the semi-final jury at the Initiative Workshop.

10. How will the process after 7Tepe New Idea proceed?

A startup that has completed the 7Tepe New Idea Acceleration Program is deemed to have completed the Born (Idea) and Crawl (Pre-Incubation) stages in YUTTO's four-stage entrepreneurship program. After 7Tepe New Idea, during the Walk (Incubation) phase, corporate incorporation, access to customer and investment networks, and office support are provided. Following the incubation phase, in the Run phase, support for the growth of companies is provided and performance is monitored.



1. What is an invention?

It is defined as the solution to any specific problem in industry, including agriculture.

2. What is a patent?

It is a protection document that gives the inventor the right to prevent the unauthorized use, production, sale, sale or import of his invention by others for a certain period of time.


3. Why is a patent granted?

In addition to giving inventors the right to protect for a certain period of time, the patent system makes all the information contained in the patent public, so that others working on the same subject spend effort, time, cost, etc., to reproduce the same invention. exists to prevent spending.


4. Which inventions are patented?

For an invention to be patented, three conditions must be met.


Exceeding the state of the art

Applicable in industry


5. Which inventions cannot be patented?

Subjects that cannot be patented because they are not considered inventions:

Discoveries, scientific theories, mathematical methods;

Plans, procedures and rules regarding mental, commercial and gaming activities;

Literary and artistic works, scientific works, aesthetic creations, computer software;

Non-technical procedures for compiling, organizing, presenting and transmitting information.

Surgical and treatment methods to be applied to the human or animal body, and diagnostic methods related to the human and animal body.



 6. How many types of patent systems are there in Turkey?


There used to be two types of patent systems in Turkey, one with examination and one without; 


In the unexamined system, inventors with limited financial resources in our country were provided with a cheap, fast, but relatively limited 7-year protection. However, with the Industrial Property Law dated January 10, 2017, this system without examination is abolished.

In the examined system, the processes take longer, but since the examined patent is granted based on an examination report showing whether the application has patentability criteria, a safer and longer protection is obtained. A patent without examination can be converted into an examined patent provided that the necessary conditions are met and examined.

7. How long are the patent or utility model protection periods?

Patent with examination is protected for 20 years,

The utility model certificate is protected for 10 years.


8. What is a Utility Model?

It is the recognition of the right to produce and market the product subject to this invention for 10 years to the owners of inventions that are new in Turkey and in the world and can be applied to the industry.


9. What are the criteria for utility model registration?


Applicability to industry.


10. What is the difference between Patent and Utility Model?

In the Utility Model, the criterion of exceeding the known state of the technique is not sought,

Protection times are different,

No additional utility model certificate is given to the utility model certificate,

Due to the absence of examination procedures, granting a utility model certificate is more convenient in terms of both time and expense compared to granting a patent.


11. Can software be patented?

This varies according to the laws of the countries. Patent protection of computer software, such as inventions, is accepted in some countries. The implementation of the patent protection system applied in the United States, Japan and Canada has been delayed in European countries and the studies are continuing. In Turkey, software is protected as a work of art by the provisions of the Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works. However, under certain conditions, both in Europe and in Turkey, it may be possible to protect software with a technical aspect under the European Patent.


12. What is the authorized institution for patent registration?

The Turkish Patent and Trademark Office located in Ankara has been authorized in patent registration by Laws. The authority to take action in Turkish Patent is also granted only to applicants and official patent attorneys registered in the Institute Registry.


13. What are the reasons for the expiration of the patent right?

Patent right ends when;

1. The protection period expires,

2. The patent owner waivers from the patent right;

3. A failure to pay annual fees and surcharges within the stipulated time happends.


14. Can the protection period of patent and Utility Model documents be extended?

No, they cannot be extended. The protection period of Patent and Utility Model documents cannot be extended. However

If a request for examination is made within 7 years from the date of application for a patent granted without examination, switching to the system with examination is possible, and if the result of the examination is positive, the protection period is extended to 20 years.


15. How are the rights provided with a patent or a utility model document evaluated?

Patent protection of inventions is provided within the framework of national laws valid in each country. That is, a patent obtained in a country is valid only in that country. In order for an invention to be protected in different countries, it is obligatory to apply for a patent in each country where protection is sought.

There are international agreements such as the Patent Cooperation Agreement and the European Patent Convention, which allow for the opportunity to apply in more than one country with a single application. Since Turkey is a party to these agreements, it is possible to apply to more than one country at the same time through these agreements.

Patent/Utility model certificate right can be transferred for a fee, can be rented through a license agreement. In addition, this right can be transferred or pledged to the heirs by inheritance.


16. What should be done before applying for a patent?

Before filing a patent application, it is recommended that the applicant conduct a patent search for the technique that is the subject of the invention. Researching the state of the art provides the inventor with the opportunity to compare his invention with existing patents, and to see the similarities and differences. The applicant has a general idea of ​​whether his invention is new or not. Thus, the probability of rejection of a patent application made knowing the existing technology is reduced.

17. How long does it take to obtain a patent?

Although the supply of the search report requested after the patent application varies depending on the number of repeated examination requests and the opinion to be conveyed against the examination report(s), the process from the application to the document acquisition phase spans a period of three to four years.

18. Does it prevent me from obtaining a patent if I have disclosed my invention somewhere before?

Yes it does. However, although it may affect the granting of a patent for an invention, the fact that a statement is made within twelve months before the application date or, if the priority right is claimed, within twelve months before the priority right date does not affect the granting of a patent for the invention.


19. What is licensing?

The authorization to use the inventions whose registration process has been finalized or whose registration process is still in progress can be given to someone else with a license agreement valid throughout Turkey or in a certain region.

Licenses may be exclusive or non-exclusive license in the form of license. Unless otherwise agreed in the contract, the license is not exclusive. The licensor may use the product that is the subject of the invention, or may grant other licenses for the same invention to third parties.

In the case of Exclusive License, the licensor cannot grant a license to another person and cannot use the invention himself, unless he expressly reserves his right.


20. Should it be expected to receive documents for license or transfer procedures?

The patent owner may transfer his right arising from the patent to third parties. Prior to the document acquisition phase, the applicant for a Patent or Utility Model Certificate may license or transfer the rights arising from the application to third parties. In order for license or transfer transactions to take effect, it must be registered with the TPE.


21. Is the license or transfer registered in the TURKISH PATENT registry also valid at the official offices of other countries?

No. Since the rights arising from the patent or utility model document or application are national, the license or transfer transactions must also be registered in the national official institution of the relevant country.